ED Viston Enterprise Thermal Detection System ***

With advanced detectors and algorithms, our Thermographic Detection Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures.Can be deploy for rapid and preliminary thermal screening in office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.5/±0.3°C. They can be hidden or visible, for indoor or outdoor depending on your needs. Other features include auto motion detecting and remote control zooming.

Thermal Detection with Face Recognition ***

Facial recognition for access control management with Temperature Detection Camera. Non-contact and automated. Deny access and trigger alert if body temperature is unusual. Deny entry if no mask is detected. Support door held open & blacklisted person alert.

Handheld Thermal Temperature Scanner ***

Handheld Thermal Screening Camera is a fast temperature detection tool, which can be used to detect human temperature from a safety distance with accuracy of ±0.5°C It is an economical and practical thermal camera that could meet the needs of primary temperature screening well. It can be deployed at the entrances and exits of the public areas, making it an ideal device to improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and protect public health.

*** The devices listed above is NOT a medical device and mainly to aid in security operation. It cannot be used to substitute a HSA Approved Thermometer for the purpose of temperature reading and it is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the core, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.