Building Visitor Management System

One of the best things one can do for their business is to embrace Building Visitor Management System to ensure efficiency, productivity, and security of the building and business premises. Many people may think they are a gimmick, but in reality, they come with a host of benefits that makes them indispensable to modern commercial activities management.

Visitor Management System


What is a Visitor Management System, its role and function, and the benefits it brings in managing commercial buildings?

In Singapore, a Visitor Management system is a critical component of security controls. It gives the ability to know who entered a building and what purpose. Moreover, it can differentiate between the authorized visitors who are granted access and the illegitimate visitors who are denied entry. In today’s time, when terror activities are rampant, it is more important to keep track of visitors in high-traffic public places.

A Building Visitor Management System helps get greater information on the people visiting a particular office. By registering their details and capturing every detail of a visitor’s movement inside a building premises right from initial check-in registration to the departure entry, the security of the premises is maintained.

Challenges of managing visitors

On any given day, large companies and small businesses in Singapore receive people from diverse walks of life. They can be anything – a customer, a business associate, an 3rd party vendor, service providers, courier delivery personnel, family members, staff, guests, family members, government officials, competitors, and many more who may or may not have an appointment with the company they are visiting.

This calls for a visitor management solution to monitor, authenticate, and regulate their entries and exits daily to prevent any unwarranted and malicious activity.

The increasing threat to the security landscape has made security management mandatory in all commercial places, including Commercial Buildings, Residential Malls, and public places. Terror groups look for these high-density traffic places to cause blasts and make and impact society at large. Hence, businesses need to be vigilant at all times.

Frequent security is a part of the Visitor management system. Even though well-designed systems such as CCTV surveillance cameras, turnstiles, visitor’s check-out registers, and manual monitoring by security guards, lapses still happen. The management solutions analyze the data and take the necessary steps to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

For example, peak hours during entry and exit time see visitor traffic as mainly unidirectional. Depending on the time, a good solution would be to open more turnstiles to facilitate movement in that direction. This is to regulate visitor movement smoothly and prevent any incident or mishap.

Types of Visitor Management systems


Not all solutions are the same, even though they have roughly the same applications. Depending on each client’s need, Visitor management software is customized to give optimal security. One can opt for a cloud-based system that runs on a remote server and can cover large premises. The other is an On-premise Visitor Management solution that one can download on their computers and are ideal for smaller setups.