The year was 1999. The 25 year-old Tee Cheng Howa and his family experienced a life changing robbery in their run-down home located in a small kampong town at Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru Malaysia. The humble torn-down zinc roof house was where they considered to be their little haven, and it was broken into at 2am midnight.

Life savings and valuables worth thousands were taken away in split seconds. Devastated, shocked, and helpless, as members of family sat over at a dark corner, metres away trembling in fear.

One of the robbers who was wielding a “parang” knife then inched closer and whispered, ‘Don’t do anything stupid if you want to live.’

Weeks of psychological distress and insomnia from his parents and siblings almost pushed Tee Cheng Howa to the edge of the cliff. Determined that members of family and friends should never live in fear again, Tee Cheng Howa packed his canvas luggage, tumbled into Singapore soil, with the ultimate aim of learning and discovering security technologies that can be utilized for the safety and livelihood of everybody.

Dividends were harvested from years of hardship. In 2007, ED Viston Pte Ltd was born.