Face Recognition Access Control System Singapore

Face Recognition Access Control System

Face Recognition Access Control System is the latest technology to be adopted for keyless, frictionless access control & door entry. ED Viston offers latest face recognition access control system at affordable rate in Singapore.
It uses AI technique to convert the image of the face into what is effectively a series of ‘co-ordinates’ – accurately pinpointing the distances between eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc – to create a unique identifying string of numbers which is stored in the system’s database.

During the current times, there is a growing worry about providing more security to vital or sensitive infrastructure thanks to the ever-increasing terror attacks on critical installations. The face Recognition Access Control System is unique. It improves access security to high-security locations such as schools, workstations, borders, and hospitals.

How to control access through the Face Recognition Access Control System?

Only accredited personnel have access to specified locations. Any intruder may be readily recognized and located using facial recognition, allowing the appropriate mechanisms to be activated in real-time, such as alarms, police, security members, or authorities being notified, and so on. Face recognition delivers excellent security and user ease. It is contactless, unlike physical identification techniques that can be misused, exploited, or stolen.

The benefits of having access control with facial recognition?

Face Recognition Access Control System can be used alone to provide safe and frictionless access. It can be used with existing card readers to provide two-factor authentication.

  • Access control platforms can be easily integrated.
  • To ensure legal compliance, mask detection is used.
  • Face recognition accuracy with masks is 98.85%.
  • Unauthorized access attempts are now more visible.
  • Identity verification is supported to prevent unauthorized usage of ID cards.
  • Face recognition access comes with built-in two-factor authentication for maximum security.
  • There will be no necessity to remember to grab a key card or fob with secure keyless access.
  • Fiddling with key cards or phones to access doors will be no more.
  • Entering a building, unauthorized is eliminated with high-security access, which solves package theft and vandalism problems.
  • Every access occurrence is documented with photos.
  • Traditional key management’s operational overhead is eliminated.

How does the Face recognition system work?

Face recognition access control is a completely hands-free experience in which users merely approach a door, look at the gadget, and the door unlocks. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and safe. A face recognition system can now enable secure, touchless access to buildings, among other things. Instead of utilizing a traditional key card, systems use a camera-based reader to approve entrance by looking at the person’s face. Simply step up to the scanner and look at it; it will run recognition, identify the individual, and send a signal, then unlock the doors.

Is the Face Recognition Access Control system more secure than key cards?

Key cards are readily lost or stolen and can be copied with an inexpensive cloner. Furthermore, key cards are unable to authenticate the cardholder. Face Recognition checks the individual’s identity attempting to get access and guarantees that only authorized users have access.

Final words

Face Recognition Access Control System was once thought to be a future concept. However, a face ID is now used to daily unlock our smartphones and other smart gadgets. Face recognition technologies have aided the evolution concerning information access in the event of multimedia. Furthermore, using face recognition for network access control makes it almost unattainable for hackers to obtain a user’s password while simultaneously improving the human-computer connection.