Mobile CCTV Camera & Surveillance Camera Singapore

A mobile CCTV camera & Surveillance Camera Singapore is the perfect tool to create surveillance in open and public areas. With increasing instances of crimes, burglaries, incidents of vandalism, accidents and antisocial behaviors, there is now an increasing need to have mobile CCTV camera systems installed in various parts of an area so that the law enforcement officials have the camera feed that they need to perform their investigative work. Ed Viston is a pioneering company in Singapore when it comes to the designing and development of CCTV surveillance camera systems and we can get you the finest range of surveillance systems that can ensure top grade performance on a consistent basis.


As a company that has been designing and producing mobile CCTV surveillance systems for a long time, we are deeply well acquainted with the technologies and logistical challenges involved in assembling and setting up these systems. We regularly work with law enforcement officials and city planning and management experts to provide them with state of the art mobile CCTV camera Singapore systems. One of the main benefits of using these CCTV camera systems is that they can be easily installed and set up and they can also run without a main power. Their flexibility makes them an ideal choice where it can be difficult to get a permanent power line. We can provide you with rapid deployment CCTV camera systems that can deliver you with fast and immediate surveillance services for all types of sites. You can work with these cameras when you are looking to carry out applications that are semi-permanent or temporary. Many of our cameras also have the options of being fitted with wireless PIR detectors, multiple fixed cameras, PA systems as well as multiple transmissions.


One of the main benefits that come with our mobile CCTV camera Singapore systems is that they are made only after thorough and intensive research into the evolving needs of the industry. This makes them suitable and efficient enough for a broad range of projects. The cameras are all designed in a company manner and this makes it possible for them to be transported in a suitable van. They can also be dismounted and installed on the site with the least amount of difficulty. The built-in battery backup that you can have with these cameras can sustain you for about 3 days. These cameras feature a telescopic tower system that can be extended both vertically and horizontally.


In all the years that we have been designing and deploying CCTV Camera Singapore, we have come up with multiple types of mobile CCTV cameras that can cater to the needs of our end users such as vehicle license plate CCTV cameras and many more. Once you get in touch with us, we will try and understand the specific requirements that you have and then guide you to the best type of product. We will also help you to get the mobile CCTV camera installed so that you can start benefitting from it right away. This can provide you with the user experience you are looking to have.