Smart Security System in Singapore

Choose a Smart Security System in Singapore that offers 24/7 Surveillance


The availability of different types of surveillance cameras in the market today creates more confusion. Buyers are overwhelmed when faced with many brands, designs, configurations, and price choices. Even the different technical jargon can be complicated for a layperson to understand.

When one walks into any big retailer, numerous brands sell the same type of Smart Security System in Singapore. All of them offer high resolution, storage capacity, and night vision. Trying to cross-check the claims at the store itself can be difficult and not practically feasible.

Night Vision

Most consumer-grade indoor security cameras are built to work efficiently only when plenty of light is available. The problem starts when the lighting becomes lower or at night when it is dark. This is when the test of quality comes to the forefront. It is known that commercial cameras used outdoors or in warehouses or factories give better performance than indoor consumer security cameras. The commercial cameras have better quality components and internal video sensors meant to capture low light areas’ video.

Knowing the objective of buying an indoor security camera is important. Having it for routine recordings or checking on pets and nannies is okay but may not be enough when theft and gathering evidence become difficult. The surveillance camera has to be at its best at all times and not just during bright daylight.

When buying the best Security camera Singapore, look for a camera that passes the most stringent visual conditions. Night vision should be the first step in checking the security camera at the retail shop. Because if those criteria are passed, then other performances will be a cakewalk.

Why does a consumer-grade camera have poor night vision?

The night vision illuminators in a consumer-grade camera are designed only for a short range and have a fixed brightness. This means they overexpose nearby objects and, in the process, blow out people and objects nearby, thus causing a blurred effect. In case of any crime, it becomes difficult to get a clear image. Therefore, it is better to get a security camera with an advanced night vision infrared illuminator (IR) that automatically adjusts the brightness to the level of light of the location. When buying an Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision, look for the feature knowns as “Smart IR.”  This allows the camera to match its infra-red-light output to the scene. The objects are then properly focussed and exposed in full detail.

Another critical factor to consider is the resolution. For sharp images and especially nighttime, one should go for a resolution that amplifies the images and not otherwise. Surveillance cameras are usually manufactured in two resolutions. One should check it out with other configurations to see the best combination. A high resolution may not be the best when it comes to surveillance cameras.


Night vision security cameras are vital for strategic commercial places like manufacturing plants, airports, and commercial places. A single camera will cost less, but as one looks beyond for a full suite of equipment, the price range goes higher.

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