Turnstile Gate Access Control Singapore

In Singapore, one will come across wide usage of Turnstile gates in commercial buildings, campuses, malls, and other public places where the people traffic is high. Turnstile gates help to control access through their integration with existing security systems.

The Turnstile Gate access control in Singapore includes functions such as managing entrance and exit, regulating the flow of people traffic, and protecting building premises risks associated with unauthorized use.

Turnstiles are also commonly known as pedestrian entrance control, and they can be typically found in the busy Central Business District (CBD) locations in Singapore. Human traffics are high in these areas and at its peak during the daytime office hours. Thousands enter and leave building entrances every second. Therefore, ensuring safety and security is of prime importance to rising security threats today.

Benefits of Turnstile Gates


The following highlights will talk about installing turnstiles and the advantages of doors.

  • Improved Security

Turnstiles have better access control as they detect unauthorized entries. Doors cannot stop unauthorized entries. Even if they have biometric readers and lock controls, they do not differentiate if an unauthorized person tailgates with an authorized person and enters, taking advantage of the door staying open a wee bit longer.

Turnstiles control and limit entry one person at a time and close immediately after the authorized persons pass through. This way, they are better than doors. Also, if anyone tries forced passage, alarms are triggered and alerting the control center of the danger.

  • Integration with buildings accesses control system

Turnstile integrates smoothly with an existing access control system of building premises. The integration allows turnstiles to work in tandem with cameras, doors, and other security systems in the building. They help strengthen the existing security system rather than having a conflicting role.

They can provide helpful information such as entry, exit, timing, and identity details of each person who entered and left the building premises. They also have a system where live data is displayed and helps management track visitors and identify any potential security threats.

  • Flexibility in Operations

 They can operate in a single or bi-direction movement of people traffic. The passages through the turnstiles are independent of each direction and have controlled passage, lockdown, or free pass options. Free passage is allowed when persons are not required to show valid credentials for entry.

Another advantage of Turnstiles is that they can accommodate various types of credential readers to facilitate entry, such as magnetic stripes, barcodes, biometrics, and proximity cards. The readers installed in Turnstiles enables visitors to present their credentials to gain access.

The automated process lessens the burdens on security guards and building and office receptionists. It allows them to focus on other core job functions than checking each credential manually. Turnstiles can also be set to specific modes such as entry only during early morning employee arrival time and switch to exit mode in the evening, leaving time to meet operational requirements.


Turnstile Gate access control in Singapore help streamline facility management operations by regulating the entry and exit process of a high-traffic commercial building.

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