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Ed Viston is a leading provider of cutting edge access control system products for buyers in Singapore. Access control systems can be used for monitoring who enters a specific location and at what time. The close monitoring of people who are entering and exiting a property helps to enhance the security of the premises.

Turnstile Gate Access Control Singapore

Our turnstile gate access control Singapore products are used not only in different types of commercial buildings but they are also much valued in enhancing the security of the residential buildings.

The latest range of access control systems and smart security system provides with a wider level of flexibility and ease of use compared to the models that were used even a few years ago. Employees, visitors, contractors and other people may need to enter a building all the time. The visitor may enter a property either by walking on foot or they might drive a vehicle or some mode of transport. No matter the application, there is an access control system just for everybody.

Face Recognition Access Control System

We at Ed Viston have been designing, manufacturing and deploying state of the art face recognition access control system and other types of access control system products for many years now. We only adhere to cutting edge science and technology when it comes to making our face recognition system products, making sure that our patrons find maximum while using them. No matter the nature of the building that you have and the place where you want the access control system installed, you will find our products perfectly to your liking. We have over the years established ourselves as industry leaders with our turnstile gate access control Singapore products and we can surely provide you with the products you are looking for.

There are multiple benefits of using our face recognition access control system products and other kinds of access control systems that we have to offer. These are much better than traditional keys as conventional keys are often bulky and difficult to carry. People can also lose keys and need to completely replace the lock with a new one if such a situation arises. On the other hand, such issues can be easily rectified with the help of a powerful access control system. Another benefit of using the access control system is that it allows you to keep a track of when someone has used the system and entered a building or a specific area. This is something that is often considered useful in commercial buildings.

Once you consult with us for buying our turnstile gate access control Singapore systems, we will carefully analyze the requirement that you have and then guide you to the products that are going to suit you in the best possible manner. Using our access control systems will allow you to have complete control over who is allowed to enter an area and when they can do that. Our access control systems can be accessed with a keycard, a PIN or password, or biometric identifiers like iris and fingerprint. So consult us today for our state of the art access control systems.