Surveillance Camera Singapore

Surveillance Camera in Singapore – Theft of retail stock remains a significant concern in any business. Also, non-retail businesses face the threat of theft too. It may include theft of company property to theft of intellectual property. A business owner must keep all these risks in mind.

Research shows that surveillance of employees can boost productivity and profits. Electronic surveillance of workers on duty allows Supervisors and Managers to spend less time monitoring their activities and instead spend more time in other productive ways.

The Me-too Sexual harassment prevalence in the workplace can be minimized. It discourages inappropriate behavior from any employee or helps gather evidence once a sexual harassment complaint has been filed. CC TV also helps to reduce workplace violence.

Surveillance Cameras Come in Different Types:


Mini Wi-Fi Spy Camera:

The Wi-Fi hidden Cameras are wireless hidden spy cameras with proper Wi-Fi connectivity. There is a limit to the distance covered, and it can be network configured to a smartphone to record live videos and view them from anywhere and anytime.

Bluetooth Hidden Cameras:

A hidden Bluetooth camera is Wireless Mini Camera which can Rotate 180° during Video Recording and is a real-time motion Detector. It can monitor anything from room, warehouse, shop, etc.

Tiny wireless spy camera:

A hidden covert small camera that records anything and has a motion detection function in the app that alerts you if any motion is detected. It is tiny, lightweight, and can connect to your smartphone for live view from anywhere. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery and can record over the existing old video in case the SD card memory is full.

 Wi-Fi Hidden Camera:

It is a hidden wireless camera that can transmit an audio and video signal to a receiver, where the images may be viewed or recorded. It may be activated manually by remote control or connected to a motion detector.

The use of Surveillance Camera in Singapore

One can easily spot CCTV cameras mounted on walls monitoring properties and roads. Many people install CCTV cameras in their homes and businesses to discourage mischievous neighbors and prevent thefts. The intention to install cameras are only for protection purpose and not to pry into others’ affairs.

People are allowed to install surveillance cameras inside their homes and office without the need to take permission from the authorities. However, if one lives in an HDB home, one has to take permission to install cameras inside the property. The permit is valid for six months only and needs to be renewed.

If the CCTV system is in public places, one would require a special permit for legal clearance. In Singapore, installing a CC TV camera is allowed when the camera faces inside the shop, store, or office to monitor employees; no permit is required. However, visible stickers help inform employees and customers that they are under surveillance cameras.

Putting up Best Security Camera Singapore on commercial buildings requires comprehensive planning permission to install, replace or change CCTV cameras.


With the availability of surveillance cameras now becoming accessible and the increased usage by the population, one must also check with the dealer or the authority regarding updated rules for installation.