Vehicle License Plate Camera Singapore

Ed Viston is a renowned designer and manufacturer of highly advanced license plate recognition solutions that can be used for traffic monitoring, access control and tolling. It can also be used for measuring the total journey time. LPR systems or license plate recognition system are also called automatic number plate recognition systems. We make use of camera systems that implement IP CCTV Singapore technology along with deep learning for providing an extensive range of LPR solutions. We make sure that our systems are flexible enough so that they can cater to your evolving needs easily. From designing these plate recognition systems to deploying them, we can take care of everything so that you have nothing to worry about. We can also handle their maintenance if you are in need of such services.

Here at Ed Viston, we design and produce vehicle license plate camera Singapore, that come with a dedicated pre-installed Axis. We also work with partner analytics which can be used for running the camera either directly through a serve or in the cloud. Through the use of analytics, it is possible to capture the details of the license plate automatically in real time. The camera then adds the details to a list and/or compares them to a preexisting list and then carries out appropriate action either by opening a gate, generating an alert or adding a cost. The license plate camera can make use of surrounding light, or work with the built-in IR light that comes with it. Alternatively, it can also use additional light sources to ensure optimal performance each and every time.

Here are some of the applications for which you can use our vehicle license plate camera systems.

  • The vehicle license plate cameras can be used to streamline the process of management of vehicles in a parking area where they can automate the payments, entry and exit of the vehicles.
  • The license plate recognition camera can also assist in access control, wherein a gate gets opened for only the authorized vehicles. In such cases, the visiting vehicles are registered automatically with the help of the camera.
  • The vehicle license plate camera can be used in the toll roads for enabling free-flow of the vehicles through the toll plazas.
  • These cameras come in handy when it comes to airport traffic management as they help in making sure that only the authorized vehicles are able to access the public transport lanes and the taxi stand.
  • Another benefit of using the plate recognition cameras is that they help in vehicle alerts. In this scenario, the camera can provide with automatic alerts any time a vehicle included on the watch list goes by.

As you start using our vehicle license plate camera systems in Singapore, you will find that you are able to really streamline the process of vehicle management for your vehicle. So make sure that you get in touch with us at Ed Viston as we can provide you with the best range of vehicle license plate cameras that ensure the best performance.