CCTV Installation Service Singapore

CCTV Installation Service in Singapore – Irrespective of whether one is running a company with hundreds of employees or having a small business premise, it is essential to have the best security for the business premises as crimes in Singapore are on the rise. CCTV cameras  is now common as it provides much better surveillance than human security guards. The surveillance cameras also act as a deterrent as criminals know their human security will be caught on the CCTV.

CCTV Camera installation Service Singapore

CCTV installed in Residential buildings, offices, commercial buildings, business outlets, factories, and warehouses helps keep the property and assets secure. They provide a 24X7 surveillance which human security cannot offer.

CCTV installation is a specialized job that only CCTV installation service providers can undertake. Installing CCTV at different places and vantage points and ensuring their connectivity and smooth functioning requires a reliable and reputed CCTV Installation Service in singapore.

Before hiring a CCTV installation service company, it is important to look out for these points:

  • The CCTV Installation Service must have a high reputation and trusted by clients. Check out their websites and client reviews to know their quality of service.
  • The CCTV installation company must have a valid license to operate the CCTV business. A license ensures professional and quality work and compliance with Singapore laws and their rules for CCTV installations.
  • The company should have expertise in designing and installing CCTV monitoring systems for residential, commercial, and industrial premises.
  • They should be able to highlight projects executed by them in Condominiums, MNC, and SMEs.
  • The company should customize the client’s requirements and design and implement the CCTV security system in such a manner, so the client’s goal is achieved.
  • The company should be conversant with all types of CCTV systems, including mobile CCTV systems, Battery operated CCTV systems, etc.
  • The company must provide high-quality materials, especially the cables and wires that can withstand external wear and tear.
  • They must be fully insured, especially for the workers and staff who undertake installation jobs and are at risk of accidents.
  • The company should advise their clients on the CCTV surveillance system protection capacity and suggest which areas must be covered internally. Offering installations at vantage points for external surveillance is crucial to broader coverage and increased protection.

Where to find the best CCTV installation Services in Singapore?

It is generally seen that Dealers from where the CCTV surveillance system is purchased also undertake the installation service. The charges of installation are separate and project-specific. It is recommended that buyers should entrust the installation task to them only as they will ensure guaranteed performance with their professional installation services. Many of them also provide maintenance services for the CCTV system on an AMC basis.


CCTV surveillance system is expensive if installed in commercial and industrial places. They will consist of several units connected to a central monitoring system. The installation and CCTV Maintenance Service should be entrusted to professional service providers who can provide an A-to-Z solution for all security needs. A CCTV surveillance system needs to function 24×7 and 365 days a year. A faulty installation that does not record a crime scene can be useless.