Condo Management System Singapore

Ed Viston offers advanced and highly secure building visitor management system in Singapore. These systems are used by an organization when they are looking to keep a close track of the people who are visiting the building. While some companies only focus on only recording the name of the visitor, there are others that have more advanced level requirement such as badges, files, employee escorts, legal paperwork and others. As a company that has been designing and deploying condominium visitor management system products for many years now, we always stick to the highest level of quality when it comes to offering the visitor management system products.

When you use our building visitor management system, you get to completely streamline the visitor management policies that you have for your business. Our visitor management systems and Intercom System Singapore products are some of the best in the business and can provide you with an extensive range of flexibility. Most companies that understand the value and importance of building management nowadays shift from traditional pen and paper sign-in process to a completely digitalized system that can help them to keep detailed and accurate track of the visitors. This helps to make sure that the process becomes more efficient and hassle-free. This is not only a great way to enhance the security of the building but also let people inside the building know beforehand who is at the door to visit them.

Features of our condo visitor management system Singapore products

Simple and fast sign-in process

Signing in digitally is easy and you can customize the fields and questions in any way you like.

Host notifications

The automatic notifications can help in saving time and also reduce the wait times for the visitors.

Digital visitor log

The digital visitor records have a high level of security and you can access them anytime from anywhere.

Badge printing

With automatic badge printing features, it is easy to effectively enforce the badge policies.

Digital legal documents

If legal documents are used as a part of the sign-in process, the visitors will get signed each and every time.

Custom branding

You can showcase and promote your business logo and the brand name for a professional and polished look.

Visitor photos

You can have photos taken of the visitors to see who is getting inside the building.


You can integrate the visitor management system into the existing workflows.


The process of registration allows everyone to know who’s coming and when.

At Ed Viston, we believe in bringing you the best user experience consistently when you want to make use of the advanced level visitor management systems. Our visitor management systems are not only used in large offices but also in residential buildings. We have made our condominium visitor management system in such a way that they are suitable for all kinds of homes and residential complexes. So if you are looking to get the finest condo visitor management system Singapore that money can buy, simply consult us at Ed Viston and we can surely help you out.