The main purpose of installing a CCTV system is to prevent criminal activity and protect properties. They are required to be functional 24×7 so that there is no lapse. The mere presence of CCTVs in commercial properties, public places, and residential apartments acts as great deterrence. It makes employees, workers, homeowners, and the general public safe and protected against any crime.   It is therefore important to ensure they are not neglected and appropriately maintained.

Why is CCTV Maintenance Critical?

Every business or home is susceptible to theft and burglary, and CCTV is a crucial safeguard either as a deterrent or to nab the offenders in the event of a crime committed.

However, a CCTV system is only as good as the upkeep and maintenance it is subjected to. Despite CCTV cameras being of good quality, they may suffer occasional technical glitches and make them not functional. This can compromise the effectiveness of the entire security of the property as they are dependent on this equipment to a large extent, the security guards notwithstanding.

Regular maintenance can identify the problem and fix them on time. Also, having a running CCTV will ensure that claims with insurance companies are settled in full and quickly in the event of a loss. Even at the time of buying a burglary and theft insurance policy from the insurance company, it is seen that a working and effective CCTV system allows a rebate in the insurance premium amount.

Best way to maintain a CCTV system

If one gives a quick check on their CCTV system, it will save them from the hassle and higher repair costs later. Cleaning the camera lens regularly prevents dirt and grime and bigger build-up, which can hinder the performance of the surveillance cameras.

Another issue that can come up is the wires and cables that can suffer from wear and tear. They are important for the camera’s functioning as they supply power and other audio and video connections to the devices. Whenever there is a problem with such devices, the cables and wires are the main culprits.

At times repairs and changes in the buildings affects the installed cameras. Either they are damaged, or the wires and cable get disconnected accidentally. Also, layout changes or new properties coming up in the surroundings may hinder the views. In this case, CCTV cameras need to revive and relocate to another vantage point to better view the surroundings.

Apart from the personal checks, it is recommended that CCTV Installation Service Singapore is carried out by trained professionals. They handle the equipment better and prevent further damage, but they also keep a record of maintenance actions taken.