Solar CCTV Singapore

Ed Viston is one of the leading providers of solar powered CCTV systems at the heart of Singapore. We have been conducting research and development in this sphere for quite some time now and we have come up with top of the line products that definitely appeal to our customers. Solar Powered CCTV camera systems Singapore, are widely used by companies various parts of Singapore when they are in need of a remote surveillance system that can be used for monitoring of large and inaccessible outdoor areas. These sites usually do not have a proper power supply and therefore it becomes important that the CCTV systems are powered by solar energy.

Why Solar CCTV Cameras?

Solar CCTV Singapore systems are the ultimate answer for anyone who is looking to have CCTV systems installed without a conventional power connection. The wireless nature of the solar power driven CCTV surveillance system can make it possible for the camera systems to work efficiently even without the external power source. Even when it is night-time and there is hardly any ambient lighting, these solar surveillance systems can still make use of a built-in infrared LED light source to provide with some assisted illumination. Being a company that has been operating for a long time and delivering the best range of solar powered CCTV products, we at Ed Viston focus on delivering some of the finest solar CCTV Singapore solutions that can bring value to our patrons.

Here at Ed Viston, we conduct extensive research and development for designing the high end CCTV systems that can make the most use of solar power. We have a team of engineers and technicians that can come up with advanced level CCTV systems that can provide comprehensive video feed of an area. CCTV Maintenance Systems specialists along with installation service technicians that we have here at our office can deliver these products to our Singapore based patrons. We have always been committed to provide our customers with the best range of CCTV that ensures the highest level of safety management measures at all times. Our solar powered CCTV camera systems can transmit data using the wireless Wi-Fi network transmission. Since the CCTV systems are driven by solar power, they can deliver seamless performance for a long span of time. These CCTV systems can provide with solar panel systems and a well designed internal storage battery. Therefore there is no need to implement costly electrical wires and data transmission cables.

One of the benefits of using the solar CCTV Singapore systems that we have to offer are energetically self sufficient and also work smoothly even with low levels of power consumption. So even if there is a power shortage in the local area, there is nothing to worry as our solar CCTV systems can still provide you with the security video feed that you are looking to have. We can not only install the solar CCTV systems for you but also provide you with repair and maintenance solutions if you are in need of such expertise.